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Premium render systems form a good basis for solid and aesthetic surfaces that are made to last. Knauf lime-cement renders are particularly durable and resilient offering reliability from the ground up.
Our mineral-based, particularly durable basecoats and top coats are solvent-free, non-combustible and, thanks to their fine-pored capillary structure, provide an ideal moisture balance, both on the façade and in the interior.

As basecoats, they assure the most important property of a façade as they efficiently prevent rainwater from penetrating into the masonry. In the plinth area, they are also particularly robust and resilient to mechanical loads as well as resistant to moisture and frost.

During renovation, especially when high salt loads are an issue, the effective mineral restoration render systems from Knauf preserve the long-term value retention of the property.

Discover more about the Knauf products and external wall insulation systems:

External wall insulation systems

Energy costs that rise continuously are becoming a major burden. To counteract this burden a healthy building fabric with optimum thermal insulation is essential. It offers several benefits: best quality of living, significant savings and increasing value of the building. Knauf as a leading manufacturer of external wall insulation systems offers a perfectly matched Knauf WARM WALL system for every application.

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Basecoats from Knauf form the perfect basis for every surface. Thanks to their diffusion-open surface, basecoats can be used in interiors as a basis for mineral and paste-like finishing coats. Here they guarantee excellent protection against dampness and moisture in the masonry, especially in damp rooms, cellars and garages or as a tile substrate in bathrooms and kitchens. In exteriors, the basecoat provides the necessary protection against the weather and compensates for unevenness in the wall construction thus enabling an even surface.

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Knauf offers the guarantee of professional application and maximum resulting quality with a broad range of special products for substrate pre-treatment and their constant quality monitoring. Products for pretreatment of the substrate have important tasks to fulfil. They ensure that the substrate does not absorb too much water from the subsequent plaster layer. They ensure uniform drying and hardening and deliver optimum adhesion to the substrate, an essential prerequisite for the strength and durability of the plaster. Their dust-binding features boost the adhesion to the substrate and ensure solid, long-lasting results.

But they all have one thing in common - Knauf primers and pretreatments form the basis for perfect surfaces.

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Top coat

Knauf top coats combine function and aesthetics in an ideal way and give façades and interiors an individual profile. They protect and preserve the building fabric and sustainably increase its value. Whether scratch render, floated render, sponged render or as a freely styled texture, top coats are characterised by a variety of textures, forms and colours. The individual freedom for expression knows no boundaries.

Knauf's high-quality plaster systems are characterised by excellent application quality, durability and, to a large extent, ecological and economic features.

With the MineralAktiv plaster-paint system, Knauf has been using an innovative technology for many years offering long-term protection of façades from algae and fungi without using harmful biocides for façade protection.

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Colour has a particular importance in architecture. In addition to the diverse range of design options that give a building its individual character, paint fulfils a variety of important functions to protect and preserve the building in the long term. Whether for remodelling or new construction, using paints from Knauf, modern and timeless architectural concepts can be implemented even more imaginatively. Knauf has the right paint for all your needs for exteriors and interiors.

The Knauf Farbcenter (colour centre) is a quick and easy way to check the feasibility of over 70,000 colour shades in Knauf products. The tool is intuitively designed and offers plenty of useful functions with filter and search functions, a display option for similar colour shades and a direct search for the nearest building materials dealer with paint tinting/pigmentation mixing equipment.

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Maximum time savings!

Sprint Products

We have boosted the performance of the popular Knauf plaster products. The four Sprint plasters manage the plaster moisture in such a way that the subsequent coat can be applied after the shortest possible time and the development of the hardness progresses more rapidly. 

Your Sprint benefits:

  • You significantly optimise scheduling, construction site and personnel planning.
  • You avoid unproductive activities such as additional journeys to the site and double tooling times.
  • You reduce scaffolding times, a clearly visible indicator for your clients.
  • You can invoice faster.
  • You risk no efflorescence, loss of adhesion or differences in colour shade.
  • No experiments: You apply the Sprint products exactly as you do with other Knauf products. 
  • Faster occupation or reoccupation of the building: The clients not only save time, but often save money as well.

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